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We design 3D modeling illustrations based on your requirements. We have experts in 3D modeling services, especially for industrial designers, mechanical engineers, architects, and more, who can meet your demand.


Why Pixlnexs?

We offer Enhanced 3D modeling services to provide better user experiences and add value to the project. We ensure complete client satisfaction with world-class industry experiences.

And yes, no matter how sophisticated and difficult your project is, we do it with ease, and everything will go smoothly and comfortably as we have a whole team of talented producers who will take care of your 3D project as ours and other production companies wouldn’t.

What do we do

When it comes to 3D modeling, Pixlnexs ensures that it never compromises the quality of the output. We make sure that our models will add value to your business. When we receive a requirement, we will ensure that the right configured device is used in conjunction with the right tools.

Our 3D design services from our renowned rendering team are all about giving life to your innovative ideas. Also, by generating product or brand awareness, we can help you demonstrate your products and their features in the best way to get more sales from them.


Our 3D Modeling Services


3D Character modeling

There’s no doubt about the impact of 3D characters in entertainment and other industries. In our studio, we bring our one-of-a-kind designs to life, and it's an honor to be a part of it. We can produce highly realistic 3D rigged character models for rendering and animation for our clients' videos in both high and low poly.


Architectural modeling

We have skilled 3D architectural model design services that can enable your simple 2D sketches and plans to become comprehensive 3D models. We served many overseas clients with a range of architectural models, and interior architectural models through 3D modeling with as much depth as possible.


Photorealistic Character modeling

With our next level of 3D modeling services, we are fully capable of creating large-scale photorealistic assets in less time. We focus on creating photoreal 3D assets for a wide range of sectors (electronics, automobile, manufacturing and medical, etc.) across multiple use cases with more intricate details.


Virtual reality (VR) modeling

Pixlnexs brings the benefits of virtual reality (VR) to every industry we serve that embraces technological advancements. We excel at offering user-friendly virtual reality services by building more integrated VR models that really sell an idea better than any other medium.


Ecommerce Product modeling

At Pixlnexs, we are leaders in creating accurate and detailed Ecommerce product modeling, and with our 3D creator network, we leverage you to have a lot of growth in the eCommerce space. We’ve built and helped scale many eCommerce businesses, which have a multitude of advantages for online retailers and sellers.


3D Human Modeling

Pixlnexs has helped numerous medical and educational institutions by allowing users of any level to study human anatomy easily and interactively. Our 3D modeling service provides high-quality models for medical students, doctors, physiotherapists, athletic trainers, and anyone else interested in learning more about human anatomy.

Our 3D Model Gallery

Pixlnexs delivers best-in-class 3D modeling services. List of custom 3D modeling services offered by us.

Benefits of 3D modeling for various industries


Video Games

Three-dimensional modeling is huge in video games. Game developers have strived to improve video games over the years to make them more realistic. There's no doubt that 3D modeling contributed to the boom in the gaming industry.



As far as the entertainment industry is concerned, it is one of the industries where 3D modeling and rendering is of the greatest use, as its use of 3D technology is widespread. A rapid growth in show business is facilitated by 3D modeling.



3D modeling can also be extremely beneficial to the production industry. It is no secret that 3D modeling is very useful to redesign products, reassemble parts, and even make a product from scratch whenever possible. It has been used to redesign products,reassemble parts, and make products go to market much faster.


Healthcare and Medicine

The healthcare industry uses 3D rendering and modeling to improve patient care. A 3D printer can be used to model and print anything from prosthetics to crowns to support bones in the jaws, to parts that can be used to repair damaged body parts and even prosthetic limbs that have been amputated.


Virtual Reality

An immersive virtual reality experience lets you interact with an environment generated by a computer. In the 3D modeling process, the atmosphere appears real through the sense of each and every element in the environment.