2D Character Design

For your Brand

Character resonate with their characters. Our characters express through facial expression, emotion, feelings, pulses, tenderness, and grace that leads to vibrant characters. We Create, Design, and animate them.

Our 2D character design

We develop characters heroes and we give them a behavior. Create Organic creatures and items according to film, commercials, brands, series, and presentation.

  • Understanding goal of characters
  • Creating the magic on structure
  • Keeping mainstream core Idea
  • Character Behaviour and facial expression
  • Creating a whole new persona for the character
  • Providing color dress and accessories
  • Developing a backstory
  • Creating flexibility with characters
  • Construction of secondary and side characters

Our research on 2D characters


A Brand can be a character & characters for brands.

The 2D character has outgrown in many industries and they are no more just to animate on 2D stories to children but also includes mobile apps and games, 2D/3D animation films, explainer videos, infographics, comics, and many more. In every industry, they need 2D characters. 2D characters are not just a model anymore, they represented as a brand ambassador and we make your brand to speak through character.

Our character Design

We make the character, We bring him alive, We move the character to tell about him more. We give him behavior based on the behavior concept. We bind all the pieces and convey to your customer what they want to know through them.


Our Works

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Online security icons


Network statistics scene


Finance scene with money gains


Finance scene with money gains


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